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He doesn’t want to go to the hospital again, Little Count takes care of himself

His father, the Royal King, the Great Count, died of coronavirus in December, so he is now in charge of the family. You can’t stand your body fatigue and the lifeguard takes you to the hospital again due to extreme exhaustion – as happened after two years of performance.

“Of course I learned from the case, health comes first, otherwise I won’t be able to take care of my family, I won’t be able to stand on stage. I know I need to take care of myself. In addition to work, I try to take enough time to rest and relax, and I still leave the beach for the weekend parties for it, which begins Thursday, said Little Count Blake, who has reinstated himself after restrictions were relaxed. in steam work. As he says, he has more requests than ever, and he tries to do everything, but only with common sense.

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– Even then, I don’t do fewer parties, I sing in five or six places a week, but now I’m going to give a more thoughtful performance. pointed out. He used to drive thousands of miles in a few weeks, and spend most of his time in the car, which puts a strain on the human body. Count Nagy lost his family at a very young age, at the age of 49, his life was also entertaining and playing music. He did big family events all night long, entertained people frugally and created everything for his family

“Health is really the most important thing, now I’m responsible for the family, I can’t be irresponsible.” The most stressful trip, we had parties all over the country. Sometimes there was more time in the car than in the shows. This time I’m lucky, God is watching me because inquiries reach a hundred miles away. In addition, a chauffeur takes me to the hackers so that I can relax as much as possible, because on stage I give everything I have,” added the entertainment star, who threw himself into the world of entertainment again with great enthusiasm. He says, the concert deserves a regular workout for him.

“I bounce so much on performance that a few pounds of hip-hop during quarantine would drop. I admit I was dieting for a previous health issue, but it was very difficult to keep them in quarantine. I also go to the gym again, and I’ve been doing the treadmills,” said the Count.

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