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He finally cornered himself with Meghan Markle’s newest celebrity

You could say it showed tooth protein Meghan Markle. Now it looks like she’s been back in celebrity life forever with the Duchess of Sussex ever since It seems that the celebrity who fled to America for privacy reasons is happy to spread his privacy on shows recentlyUntil now With Ellen DeGeneres Also made into his shirt.

Megan shared a lot of interesting things with fans on the show. He has spoken, among other things, that two-year-old Archie loves to feed chickens, that five-month-old Lilibet has teeth and how much they love their California home, and that it is a pleasure to see her husband as a father and Prince Harry.

Princess or famous? Photo: Agence France-Presse

To boost the mood, Meghan Markle starred in a scam video, an already buggy video that’s a far cry from the restrained style of the royal family. However, it seems that “clowns” done for a good cause and offering a happy family life did not have the expected effect. The interview is still like before It sparked rumors among followers as it launched a wave of memes on social media Here You can watch it.

Meghan’s appearance beyond Eileen proves that she never understood the difference between royal status and fame. What an epic fall from the topOne of Megan’s critics summed it up.

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