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He found his grandmother’s clothes in the attic and turned out to be worth 16 million forints

Despite the sheer amount, he doesn’t even have a mind to throw off the dress.

It was finally time and he was able to pick out the velvet Dior outfit he’s kept for 25 years at the age of 36. Adeline Vining. He hadn’t picked it up for long because she was with him, he’d only pick it up for a really special event.

He was dusting off his grandfather’s attic for forty years before it became his own.

The dress belonged to Fenning’s grandmother, who she could not identify because she died when her mother was only two years old. That’s why Vining wanted to know more about her grandfather with the help of the dress. He visited Dior 12 years ago, but there wasn’t much help coming from there.

So Vining turned to the public on TikTok, where a fashion historian found him Henry Wilkinson. He told her the dress might be an early Dior, and deduced from the brand’s line on the label. From the shape of the dress, the historian believes it was after 1947, and who sampled it, he deduced that the dress was a piece from the 1949 fall-winter collection. In Christian Dior She even co-designed the brand’s clothing herself.

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A similar dress could have been showcased in the New York Metropolitan as an important piece of fashion history.

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With Wilkinson’s encouragement, Vining visited an auction house to appreciate the dress.

The woman was quite down to earth when she heard that the dress in its current condition could fetch £30-35,000. This means about 14-16 million forints.

Vining’s mother then found a photo of her mother dancing with an unknown in the dress she originally owned.

Although a huge amount of money could go home by auctioning off the dress, Vining has no mind getting rid of it just yet, as he thinks it’s part of his family’s story.