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He gave his pass to Szoboszlai and played indefinitely for Leipzig in the Bundeslig

RB Leipzig, who chose the all-Hungarian player in the starting line-up, played a 1-1 draw away to Eintracht Frankfurt in the 10th round of the Bundesliga with a goal scored by Dominic Zuboszlai Zuboszlai. Leipzig finished the match day in eighth place.

Prior to the Champions League battle against Paris Saint-Germain at Hotkey, Jesse Marsh could not rest his best, according to the present, with a win at home to Eintracht against Kiss, Leipzig could finish fourth in the start BL. We can say that RB Leipzig has the strongest team at the start, with Julsie Peter in goal, Willy Orban in the middle of the defense, and in the middle he started a growing cup match against Babelsberg on Tuesday with Dominic Zuboszlai.

In the first half, Frankfurt played more dangerously, especially Philip Kosztics. Peter Gulsey first had to push the ball from midfield in the 18th minute after the Serbian tried tmad and then had to take a shot from the corner.

But if there is an arrangement in the cold, the result will be sooner or later, and this time it happened, in the 35th minute Zubuszlai Otun Urban hit the ball, which prevented Joseph Poulsen, and the lead dn (0-1).

In the last minutes, Szoboszlai got to the position twice, but at first he went a little beyond the gate, and then Trapp took the test.

Dominic Zuboszlai (left) was one of the best players against Eintracht FrankfurtForrs: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP/Sebastian Julno

He was more active after switching to Leipzig, and Poulsen twice complained to the referee, but in both cases he was not right, and the guests did not receive a penalty. In continuing, Szoboszlai came close to glue twice, first with a 57th-minute shot from the goal, then after a poor shot, Nkunku was left inches from the lab. Ten minutes later, Zuboszlai shot between the defenders, but there was no penalty. At the 72nd minute, Orbn repels a grenade with a powerful shot, which had to be fired by the Hungarian defendant, who, however, was able to continue marking.

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The last quarter was full of local attacks, especially the attacks of Kosztics and Hauge caused a lot of trouble for the Leipzig defenders. His room was replaced in the 82nd minute by his coach, who sent Emil Forsberg to the place, who checked in first with a dirt shot and then checked in with a shotgun.

A 90 + 2. Within minutes, Gulcsi pushed the head of lc fl Ache with great courage, but did not manage to hold the hrmas advantage. Before the race, 22-year-old Brazilian Tota tied. It all happened in the 95th minute.

Eredmeni, in the Bundesliga, is 10 years old:
Eintracht Frankfurt – RB Leipzig 1-1 (0-1)