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He knew that his wife had cheated on him and wanted a divorce

Three years later, Gabor Marros became an opera singer and actor because his beloved wife cheated on him. The artist carried the news so badly that he took a strike. He is now treated in hospital. Tell Blikk about his condition.

“My attorney has already filed divorce papers, but as incredible as it is, I still love my wife. I will always love her because I’ve never lived with a more charming woman than her. After my knee surgery, I moved into her house in Szczezzard seven years ago. He cared. With the greatest love, though I didn’t even have money at the time, my pension for my medicine hardly ran out, but he almost supported me without a word said Gabor Maros on the pagewho lived in pure happiness with his wife for a few months.

The newlyweds had just solved their financial problems, since the artist managed to sell his house, which he was not able to maintain.

“I could finally have given Marika what she deserved, but I became,” she said. But what could be the reason for that if their lives are finally on the right track? Blikk asked. I don’t want to embellish things, I can keep it a secret, but I’ve always been telling the truth. My husband cheated and I let her go so she could be happy. I’m not mad at him at all, in fact, I understand that. I’m an old man already, and there seems to be something I can’t give him after all. She is a beautiful woman full of strength.”

Gabor Maros said so In a few weeks he will move into a friend’s apartment. At the moment, he is being treated in the hospital.

“Although I look like I’m dealing with it, I didn’t. My first shock was that my Charles Aznavour evening, which was announced at the end of the month, was canceled for technical reasons, and then I found out my wife was cheating. I had a stroke last week and am being treated in a hospital in Szczezard. My left leg and hand weren’t working, and I couldn’t talk. Fortunately, they were fixed with injections, and they will be released soon.

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The opera singer and actor hopes to be back on stage soon.