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He said what’s really between him and the winning girl

He appeared in 3 big TV shows: Exatlon Hungary, Dancing with the Stars and The Great He. How has all this affected your reputation?

– In fact, people know me more than I did when I was an active athlete. After the Big He show, it was a funny and interesting situation at the end of December when my friends and I were sitting somewhere downtown and several people came to me to share their opinions on whether they thought I made the right or wrong decision at the end of the show.

How did you respond to these unsolicited advice: Can you look at the funny side of everything and react that way?

– I dealt with these situations and dealt with them with absolute humor: I thanked you for the advice … The great ran in December, so these events happened to me in December, and it hasn’t really happened since January that they stopped me for similar reasons.

Source: Instagram

Exaton Hungary All Star season is shown on TV2. Obviously, you can’t decide whether to join the contestants later. But who are you looking to achieve in the new season?

– Of course I urge champions, especially since there are contenders from my season like Dr. As well as Gabriella Bossa, Miklos Angfari, Zuzu Kempf and Dorka Szabo.

In an interview, he stated that the performance of Exatlon Hungary in the second season not only brought national popularity to his life but also brought real friendships. Who have you been in contact with since then?

“Yes, when I accepted the invitation, I thought that since ball games are not one of my strengths, I would be staying in Dominica for up to a few weeks.” In the end, I did really well on the court, so it turned into five months out of two weeks. During this time we have a very good friendship with the champs, I don’t even want to highlight anyone, I’m fine with everyone, we meet someone from time to time, the last time we met some Gabriella Bossa at the end of December.

Is it possible that this camaraderie that developed between the heroes is due, among other things, to the past of the elite athletes?

Yes, I think that might be the reason. Our past is similar, our outlook on life is a good basis for our friendship.


Great filming finished. What are your plans? What are you doing now? Do you have any TV inquiries?

“There are specific inquiries, but I don’t say yes to everything.” I don’t want to be on TV at all, I say yes to what I see in fiction.

Have you also accepted the invitation to three completely different types of TV shows because you saw fiction in them? Do you like challenges?

– Yes, let’s not forget that Exatlon Hungary was close to me, because of the sport, dancing was also a sport and a great challenge for me, and for the great it gave me a chance to find the right matchmaker. As part of the programme. There was an offer that I turned down because I didn’t see any fantasy in it and there was an offer that I turned down because I felt the offer didn’t suit me, and I wouldn’t be right for it.

Let’s go back to the original question. What are you doing now?

– I work for the Hungarian Kayak Association and have been the Director of the Tamás Wichmann Regional Academy since February 1 last year. My responsibilities include puppy selection and organizing regional events. I’m learning a lot about how sports work, so far thanks to this work.

He said in an interview that one of the positive benefits of the reputation is that more people are starting to row under the influence of David Toth. Do you see this as some kind of mission?

“I’ve had messages that someone’s brother, who was a kid, was going to kayak under my influence.” I was very happy with these messages. In addition to managing the 13-14 age group, if I can help more people to start playing sports, kayaking, and canoeing, that could be kind of a task.

Where will you be in ten years? On the waterfront?

“Before I finished my sports career, I thought a lot about imagining a sequel. Until then, it was said in my mind that I didn’t want to train because it would mean the same way of life as a racer. I don’t want to go to training camps all the time again, because I want to have the time of my life Own, because my goal is to start a family.Thanks to my current job, I have not separated from my sport, but I also have time for my own life.

Since you ended your career as a competitive athlete, how was the sport present in your life after Exatlon Hungary?

Exercising still plays an important role in my life, but I only do what goes well, so I prefer to exercise in the winter, and never run out of negatives if I don’t have to. In the summer I still enjoy kayaking and have recently enjoyed cycling.

Are you even planning to wander around Lake Balaton?

– interesting. That’s exactly what I thought in recent days, how nice it would be to wander around Lake Balaton!

Source: Dávid Tóth / Instagram

There was talk of privacy, that he slowly wanted to start his family. Did the great show change your attitude towards women, your relationship, your personality?

“I became more open, shooting helped me a lot to talk about my feelings, as I was having a hard time opening up and expressing myself emotionally.

Are you new to this recently? If so where? In an entertaining place, social media, or a group of friends?

– It was easier to get acquainted with social networking sites, but now I receive so many messages and so much that it is impossible to open all the mail and I do not want to, because I have already received negative messages and comments lately from foolish messages. Acquaintance stays in the nightclub through a group of friends. But none of them are current.

is not current? Is it because you are resting, not getting to know each other or is there someone in your life?

– The second. I don’t want to say much about this yet, only that we have known each other for a few weeks, but our relationship is much more intense. Of course, if you read this interview now, journalists will surely rush to me, we … Interestingly, when I wanted to be in love before, during the filming of the great, love did not come. Regarding Laura, it was finally clear to me that it was not true love, but a strong combustion. After the breakup, I left everything and didn’t date at all in the fall. Suddenly he entered my life.

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