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He told his manager, Janos Kubor, about his condition

“There is no good mood, because that’s what we didn’t want,” said Omega Director Janos Kubor. The last time András Trunkos spoke to the musician was two weeks ago.

“At the request of the family and John, I cannot speak of the same case,” the director of Omega told Focus. The last time András Trunkos spoke to a musician on the phone was two weeks ago, and he thought it was at that time in a good mood, though he said in a slightly hoarse voice that he really wanted to go out, Because it does not feel dangerous.

– We said the doctors would decide. He was undergoing treatment the next day. I really don’t know what its quality looks like. Tranco added that in this world, you cannot connect, enter or watch.

There is no good mood

Trancos also said that famous musicians from around the world joined the joint prayer organized last weekend.

Janos Kubor fell ill at his home in mid-NovemberSource: MTI / Balázs Mohai

There is no good mood because that’s what we didn’t want. The director said that Laci Benkő and Tomi Mihály died a year ago…not in covid, they had cancer, and Mickey’s Hospital had just come for this celebration.

Janos Kubor fell ill at home in mid-November and is still receiving treatment at the Varosmayor clinic. According to Blake, he has coronavirus and has a serious condition. According to the newspaper, Kubor had already agreed on what not to share about his condition before he was taken to the hospital, and his family and friends have consistently adhered to this.

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