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He transformed himself and flourished without a leader, the future Odega has arrived

The variable-length Skysphere illustrates the direction in which Audi design and technical development will move.

The Skysphere is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor of 632 hp and 750 Nm that can accelerate the car from a standstill to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. Click on the image, the gallery opens!Source: Audi

The latest study car from the luxury German company made its debut at a prestigious show called Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach, California. This is the first of three Sapphire electric cars that Audi will unveil in the coming months. The Skysphere is followed by the Grandsphere at the Munich Motor Show in September, which will showcase the future of the A8, and then in 2022 comes the Urbansphere, which will be a self-driving city entertainment vehicle.

OLED lights occupy the entire rear of the vehicle, and the diffuser drops at high speed to increase clamping forceSource: Audi

But let’s get back to the topic of our article, the Skysphere, an electric, partially deformable, self-driving Level 4 roadster whose stunning appearance was inspired by the 1937-1938 Horch 853 Roadster, designed by Audi California. In his design studio.

Laser headlights scan the road, know in advance from the camera image when the wrong road is approaching, and adjust chassis settings accordingly. Multiple optical graphics can be programmed in a 3-frame OLED grille with shockproof housingSource: Audi

The newest representative of this “luxury, progressive” design language, the upcoming Audigen of the series will surely feature a single-frame grille lined with white OLED screens, narrow laser headlights, a gradient tailgate, and beautifully curved fenders.

The area between the front fenders and the A-pillar is such that it can vary in length by 25 inches. In sports, the car will be not only shorter, but also closer to the asphalt. It measures 23″ in size with low-profile carbon fiber rimsSource: Audi

However, the Skysphere’s biggest feature, the variable length/wheelbase is expected to remain a study privilege: The part between the front axle and the A-shaft is able to extend by 25 cm (in 5 seconds, even on the go), so the Audi study can alternately provide the stability, serenity and sportiness of a nimble roadster with a long wheelbase GranTurismo. When stretched, the impressive body length is 5,190 millimeters, which means it’s exceptionally large compared to a two-seater, but the 1.8-ton weight isn’t much of a luxury electric car.

The freely configurable steering wheel retracts with no physical connection to the instrument panel when the driver switches to autonomous modeSource: Audi

The interior is inspired by 1930s Art Deco style, the seats are covered in a sustainably manufactured microfiber fabric, and the decorative inserts are made of eucalyptus and imitation leather. When using the Skysphere as self-driving, the steering wheel and pedals retract “by wire” to the dashboard. This makes the cabin more spacious. Almost all functions can be controlled from a huge touch screen measuring 1415 mm wide and 180 mm high, there are hardly any physical buttons, and the air inlets are hidden in the headrest, so you don’t have to close the roof in winter.

This is what the passenger compartment looks like without the steering wheel and pedals. The huge doors open with a motor and are hung from the backSource: Audi

More than 80 kWh is the total capacity of the battery panels placed behind and between the seats, which theoretically provide a range of up to 500 km. All wheels feature an advanced double-wishbone suspension with new generation Audi three-chamber air springs and active stabilizers, and the rear wheels have been steered to provide proper handling and cornering stability.

There is no quattro drive, only the rear wheels are driven. They played chess with battery plates until they reached 60 percent of the 1.8-ton weight on the rear axleSource: Audi

Unfortunately, Audi has no plans to mass-produce the Skysphere, although VW’s flexible, adaptive electric vehicle platform, the SSP architecture, will provide a good basis for that. True, the variable length would be a nightmare for engineers in terms of manufacturability, safety and licensing as well.

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