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He was ready for England, but the star of the Hungarian national team is heading elsewhere

Ádám Martin’s dream was to play football in England, and we show you which team he will continue to play in the end.

MTI reports that Odam Martin, the last season’s top scorer in the OTP Bank League, has moved to Ulsan Hyundai in South Korea.

The football player used to talk about it wire, that English football is his favourite, and if he is not in the Premier League, he can imagine himself in a second-tier club, in the Championship. But he certainly had to make a different decision because of Brexit. Due to the new regulations introduced after the UK’s departure from the European Union, it has become very difficult to move from the Hungarian League to England.

His former club, Paksi FC, states on their website that the striker arrived from Kaposvár in the summer of 2020. He scored eight goals in his first season, and in the 2021/22 season he scored 31 goals in 32 matches, scoring against all eleven opponents. Thanks to his excellent performance, he was also called up to the national team.

“I have a lot to thank for the Bucks. Moving here two years ago was the best decision of my career. However, after this season last year, there was a professional opportunity to take advantage of. I can try to improve with a good team in a premier league, but I will always think In the Bucks with a warm heart, 27-year-old Odam Martin said: “I gratefully thank all the club’s staff and fans for everything.”

An irresistible offer has arrived

On Monday, Gabor Bab, the player’s agent, said: There was no written offer from Europe for a player who could compete professionally and financially with the offer from South Korea.

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“Ulsan is one of the strongest clubs in South Korea, and is on the podium every year. If all goes well, he will finish the season with the championship title again this year. Martin is really trying to help them with this,” Gabor Babb said. It is still being arranged at the moment, and according to the plans, the player will travel to the Far East at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

The coach emphasized that the goal is for the striker to be a stable player in his new team and to perform well in the AFC Champions League after winning the tournament. Gabor Bab confirmed that the South Korean championship is fast and physical. It takes all the skills dám Martin needs to improve in order to play more in the national team – this was the main consideration when choosing a club.

The player’s agent did not disclose the financial details of the deal. And also, not how long Adam Martin signed. However, he noted that if the footballer can score 15-20 goals in the K-League during a calendar year, he believes the future will create an opportunity for him to rise to another level.

Olszan, the leader in the South Korean championship, already has a Hungarian player in the person of Mark Koszta from Zlagerzig.

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