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“He wrote some letters… after a while I didn’t answer anymore” – Gabet Toth’s hard-earned gain

a few months ago Andy Toth And Gaby Tooth The press was noisy with its outrageous tragedies, and sermons back and forth, Which blew up due to a group post posted on Facebook.

Punk Andy exploded over an Instagram photo in which the young singer claimed she couldn’t even start her day without tequila and then drank the drink to mimic the stunts. Gabe, in a closed Facebook group that brought together the singers, obnoxiously told Andy behind him that he wasn’t a good role model for his younger fans with this drag. The post would never have come to light if the 22-year-old star had not put forth Gaby’s honest opinion on social media.

Andy this time I love youHe returned to the previous engagement in an interview with.

I have never felt that he humanly loves me, sympathizes with me. Last year he wrote a couple of letters which I couldn’t find where to put them, so after a while I no longer reply to them. He began to appreciate what he saw and how much he hated it. All I said was sorry, that’s me, that’s what I can give.

In The Star Under the Star, he showed a kind face, which was later followed by negative actions, which I haven’t been able to put anywhere since. Anyway, I don’t keep in touch with him, but I’m not upset with him either The singer responded to a question about whether her relationship with Gabi had been strained before.