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Health Bridge: Surprises for a rainy Sunday in October

The Breast Cancer Health Collaboration Bridge organizes an alert each October on the pink-lit Chen Bridge, but due to the current renovation and closure of the bridge, this year’s campaign will be different. In early October, another landmark, the Statue of Liberty, will be dressed in pink for several evenings.

Our Questions on the Road conference is organized for regular people and stakeholders on the first Sunday in October, and the surprise closing event is open to anyone who wants to help raise awareness and burn some calories for a healthy lifestyle.

“The Health Bridge is educating Hungarian women about breast cancer. We must also keep that awareness awake by always saying that structured screening is a huge opportunity because it is for women who are considered healthy and then finds out. When there is no other evidence of it, I must of dealing with the subject Kristina ToothVice President of the Association.

“As a clinician, I can say the doctor-patient relationship is like when we prop two bikes — they hold each other, but one decides over the other.” he adds Dr.. Laszlo VasPresident of the association.

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