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Health of the President and the Executive

In a presidential system, the chief executive is – depending on the system’s nomenclature – the president, who, because of his “direct” choice of responsibility (which does not exclude the electoral system), is bound only to the electorate, so he can only be removed from his seat by impeachment under Public Law. In a system of checks and balances it is necessary to maintain control over the president with other factors, which can usually be found in the division of powers between the legislature and the president, for example the adoption of the budget, which is the power of the legislature, and the veto over laws, which the president is entitled to exercise. Since, in addition to being the only head of the executive power of the federal state, great powers are concentrated in his hands, such as commanding the army, appointing judges who will serve for the rest of their lives in the Supreme Council. Court (in case of a vacancy) (legislation plays a role here too), the person of the president and your health are of particular importance. It is enough to think of the huge amount of effort that the relevant authorities have put into protecting the person of the president.
The above, drawn from the powers attached to the office, clearly shows that the state of the president is a major issue in the presidential system, so it is particularly troubling if he suffers from any kind of obstruction, just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was otherwise classified. As the 3rd best boss based on the latest C-Span rating. Even before his election in 1932, the 32nd President of the United States was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, but was in pain to never appear in public, as he believed this would weaken the image of the powerful president. He convinced those around him that his condition was improving, and with great effort he learned to walk short distances with an iron frame attached to his leg. He was always shown in public leaning on a cane or one of his sons, and although his illness was well known – he tried not to make it a topic in the press. As a result of this almost miraculous effort, only a few photographs of Roosevelt in a wheelchair remain. At the same time, while physical obstruction places an additional burden on the superior and the surrounding system, on the contrary, a potentially negative change in mental health can be an insurmountable obstacle.
In such a situation, the order of replacing the head of state becomes a central issue, regulated by the Presidential Succession Act 1947. The said law also includes the inability to hold office as a possibility of removal from office – as the most common reason in this case. The second of this Act according to Section 1, the President follows his Vice President – in our case, Kamala Harris – in the Velvet Chair, who, if necessary, becomes Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House of Representatives follows the temporary (interim) President of the Senate, followed by the members of the Council of Ministers. The arrangement for the temporary or permanent replacement of the president is detailed in the United States Constitution adopted in 1967, with the relevant title, XXV. Listed in appendix no.

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