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Health to take away – great post

Semmelweis University’s Health Promotion Center for Ready Health covers twelve health issues of interest to many, from nutrition to exercise to addiction. The leaflet can be read in the traditional way as well as a brochure with personal assistance. The book said it could play a role not only in preventive education and health maintenance, but also in advancing the university in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

An interactive health promotion book from Semmelweis University Health Development Center for healthy takeaways was unveiled at Semmelweis Salon on November 11. “As a university with a strong reputation both locally and internationally, it is imperative that Semmelweis University plays its role in improving the public health situation in Hungary,” said Dr. Bella Merkele in his speech. The university president noted that the book is intended primarily for lay people, but it is the responsibility of physicians and health professionals to advise patients on health promotion and health care.

Semmelweis University plays a vital role in preparing its students to provide preventive information to their patients in an understandable manner so that they can have a long-term impact on their health – He explained, stressing in particular that the now-published publication can also be used in education.

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For an institution to achieve its goals of being among the top 100 and top 5 medical universities in Europe, it must also make progress in improving health. “When we talk about health, it is mostly about ‘illness’,” Dr. Balázs Hankó, Deputy Secretary of State for Higher Education at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and former Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Development at Semmelweis University. He emphasized that at the same time, it was important to all Caring about their health and knowing what they have to do to do it – that’s exactly what this book is about.The Deputy Secretary noted that the publication also plays an important role in advancing the organization and becoming a major player in promoting health, healthy living, and dietetics.

“As a GP, I feel the need for patients to play a greater role in maintaining their health on a daily basis,” said Dr. Major Babb, acting director of the Center for Health Development and editor of the book. “I have found that there are ages whose health needs to change. I want to feel better because what used to be normal is no longer. This was the original inspiration for the book. We wanted to put a guide in the hands of those who want to live with greater health awareness”- I have remembered. He added that the idea of ​​publishing was born in 2019, and the university supported its idea, so that with the help of about 25 authors and contributors, an interactive book to promote health could be generated. “No matter what our age is, what our education is, at what point in our lives we all have a chance to feel better in our skin from today if we choose to. We are helping with this publication.”

Health to Take Away explores twelve current health issues of concern to many, from nutrition, through exercise to different addictions – each chapter in the event was presented by the authors themselves, with presentation participants.

In addition to reading it the traditional way, the leaflet can also be used as an upside-down, personalized and interactive book for health promotion. In the latter case, it is up to the reader to decide the order in which each chapter goes through. Survey assessments on topics direct the reader to the sections that already apply to them, so that they can get answers to the questions that interest them best. The book also provides solutions to risk factors and problems that affect the reader.

The publication was prepared by the Semmelweis University Health Development Center Dr. Based on the career plans and editorial work of Magor Papp, with the help of Éva Gutási’s creative contribution. In the future, classes will be linked to the ever-expanding online background content available on the Semmelweis University website.

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