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Healthy eating is important, but at least keeping fit is important!

We are not the bestthe healthOn top of the lower countries, for which we can only partially blame the Hungarian cuisine, whose foods rich in fat and salt are not among the mainstays of a healthy lifestyle. However, the bigger problem is that healthy living and weight loss get mixed up in the public discourse, and if someone starts eating whole wheat bread without paying any sugar, their environment immediately thinks they want to lose weight. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is not just about diet at all, but a complex system that covers all areas of our life.

Basics of a healthy lifestyle

There are many ways to change someone who wants to achieve a better quality of life with a healthy lifestyle. The main goal would be to have a long lasting life, on the one hand, and not fall into your fifties on the other hand, and be able to do things with energy in the long run. In order to have a better chance of avoiding the problems of aging, and of living more difficult, we need to start creating a healthy lifestyle now, at a young age. Having considered, with the following basic steps, we can improve our quality of life by many points and increase our chances of living a long and healthy life.

1. Movement and sleep

Physical activity, i.e. regular exercise and satisfactory sleep is just as important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. With a well-organized exercise routine and proper sleep habits, we can add so much to our daily satisfaction and happiness. One of the secrets to an exercise routine is to find the type of exercise we can really enjoy. It is worth sacrificing energy and time to find our own training, because regular exercise increases stress tolerance, has a good effect on our heart, relieves anxiety, increases endurance, and has a good effect on bone health and the body’s metabolism.

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Moreover, exercise promotes sleep, and if we get enough sleep we can get rid of unhealthy habits like overeating, where people who rest are better able to control their appetite and hunger less for carbohydrates. Everyone has a different need for sleep, but the general recommendation is to sleep at least seven hours each night for the sake of our health.

Lack of sleep is a global problem

One study Sleep deprivation is a serious problem worldwide: 62% of adults feel that they do not sleep well and do not get enough sleep; 67 percent wake up at least once every night; Eight in ten adults would like to sleep better, but 60 percent have not sought professional help; And 44 percent of them feel that their sleep has significantly deteriorated in the past five years.

2. Diet

A healthy diet is not restricted to bans at all, there is no doubt that we should never eat pancakes or french fries again if we want to live a healthy life. It just means that in most of our diets, we try to eat foods prepared in a healthy version and keep the well-being of our bodies in mind when making decisions about what’s on our plate.

A key to a healthy lifestyle is not to starve our bodies, so we eat smaller portions five times a day so as not to overburden our digestive system with a large meal. Moreover, we avoid processed and refined foods because they do not affect our gut well and promote weight gain, which in turn can cause cardiovascular problems, diabetes and many other problems. White flour is not forbidden, just avoid it because it is harmful to us, so we prefer baked goods made from whole grains. Nutrition recommendation developed by the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians, and smart cover. According to the recommendation, half of the food on our plate should be vegetables and fruits, 30 percent should come from grains and 20 percent should come from animal protein (meat, dairy, eggs). Additionally, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day and consume as little sugar, salt and fat as possible.

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Likewise, delving into the basics of the Mediterranean diet can provide useful knowledge and a wealth of help. The Research According to him, the typical Mediterranean diet of Spain and Italy, especially with extra virgin olive oil and pitted fruits, can be very effective in improving our health. Dieting isn’t a big demon once we’ve mastered the basics: Main meals contain three main items, grains, vegetables and fruits, and dairy. Adequate fluid intake is also part of the diet: 1.5-2 liters of water per day is necessary for our health. There is no ban, but there are several suggestions in the Mediterranean diet: it is worth using olive oil instead of fat, and eating fish and lean meat as meat. Either way, we eat sugar, we also neglect sugary drinks and we make sure we get as much fresh food as possible on our plate.

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3. Mental health

Surely, a healthy lifestyle also includes what is on our minds. If there is chaos and anxiety, it will be difficult to make good decisions. We have to deal with our soul as much as we do with it or how many times a week we go to training. Of course, we can also enlist the help of a professional for our mental health, but at home, we can do a lot for it ourselves.

Laughter is one of the simplest and most accessible types of help, as it acts as a cure for the soul. The Research Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, make you feel better, reduce your chances of developing heart disease, and even strengthen your immune system. It is not necessary to laugh when something funny happens to us, it is enough to force a smile on our faces when we are anxious or afraid, and this alone leads to processes in our bodies that reduce stress levels and improve our mood.

Various relaxation techniques and meditations can also be very helpful in maintaining mental health. Even if the terrain looks unfamiliar, there is no need to be afraid of it, it is not difficult to meditate at all, and you do not even have to sit in a place for hours to relax. The best way to do these techniques is to master conscious breathing, where everyone can breathe, and this is the easiest way to calm our nervous system. Beata Lewis A psychotherapist recommends two methods that can be used effectively at any time to reduce stress.

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breath relax

Twice and 10 minutes a day is enough to calm our minds with this breathing technique:

  • Watch your breathing.
  • Place your hand on your stomach and watch it rise as you take a breath.
  • Slow down: While inhaling, count to four, and while exhaling, count to six, eight, or 12 as many as possible.
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continuous breathing

Continuous breathing in this case means more than our general breathing: inhale and exhale should be the same length, counting to six on inhalation and then six on exhalation. Thoughts sooth this breathing, and counting won’t make your attention stray. Twice 10 minutes of continuous breathing twice a day is enough to make your life calmer.