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Heavy bombing of Kharkov – it seems that the siege of the second largest Ukrainian city has already begun

Today, there were several small attacks around Kharkov that were repelled by Ukrainian forces. Regarding how strangely weak these attacks are in relation to the importance of settlement, we wrote here:

Now it seems that an all-out assault on Kharkov is underway. The Russians bombard the city with Grad missiles, and the settlement appears to be regularly bombarded:

Residents fled artillery fire in the subway.

The city is almost completely besieged by the Russian army, and the Ukrainian defenders are trying to defend themselves by blowing up a bridge over the Oskol River near the town of Senkovo ​​(moreover, as soon as a car passed through it).

Usually such intense artillery fire is a sign of an all-out attack. It aims to thwart and cover the defenders of a particular area while destroying assets and manpower.

The main attack of the Russians could easily be against Kharkov and Kiev tonight.

Cover image illustration. Photo by Yuri Smitok/TASS via Getty Images

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