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Heidi Klum’s beautiful daughter went to the party in her mom’s dress 24 years ago (photos)

Legendary model Heidi Klum has always been known for her good style and never-ending beauty, and now it looks like her daughter is also trying to carry on the tradition.

With her natural beauty and trendy dress, Heidi Klum still grabs everyone’s attention today, so it’s no wonder that she’s become a role model for girls and women.

Presumably, this is also the case with Lenny Klum, the daughter of the famous model, who, based on her latest Instagram post, made a special prom event, which she will remember for a long time.

We’re sure Lenny could wear and be the centerpiece of different outfits from world-famous brands, but she took a different tack, wearing a black strapless dress with a sequin bag and an almost imperceptible chic necklace.

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What Lynette highlighted apart from the black dress, which was always a sure-choice, was that Heidi Klum wore the same design in 1998, 24 years earlier, and it is clear from the photos that, as before, she looked great on her mother.

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