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Her daughter supports Sarolta Zlatnay

In light of the pandemic, her daughter Nikki became the breadwinner for Zlatnay-Seni. The singer writes that he has both received vaccinations and is hoping to see the show again soon Repost.

Not only in human terms, but also financially, Sarolta Zalatnay has worn seriously for over a year. The singer is still one of the country’s hottest stars, but in the absence of shows, she also has trouble making a living.

You can count on her beloved daughter Nikki in trouble, Who moved home from England two years ago and now works in a health center, making him the breadwinner for their family.

“Now there is no other solution, Nikki is the breadwinner because the reserves are starting to unfortunately bursting. Obviously, if I were to sing and do my business, there would be no need for it. This is one of the reasons I wish I had a green light for concerts in the summer. The singer said.”

Zlatnay SaroltaSource: TV2

He has already passed the two vaccinations and has even obtained his certificate of protection. So the 73-year-old singer is no longer deterred from taking the stage again, and she is very confident that soon everything will be back in the old wheelhouse and he can perform all summer long.

You have already passed the two vaccinations. I had Pfizer, the second dose two weeks ago, but I would have had with any other vaccine. I am encouraging everyone to get the vaccine because it has been a long time since the virus has stopped working. I’m a little bit bitter about why life has been so difficult for a year now … the life force on stage is for me, in the audience’s love, in singing. This epidemic has taken from us everything that is good and important to us. “I want to get it back now, and I really hope to be able to get on the stage again soon,” said Sarolta Zlatnay.

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