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Here are the most powerful passports in the world: the coronavirus has completely redrawn the balance of power

a Bloomberg article A blanket fee has rearranged the world’s most powerful passports with the coronavirus and related restrictions.

For example, the article cites the passports of the British, Americans and Japanese, which, although among the strongest in the world, the current travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus so far exceed considerations.

According to recent data from the Henley Passport Index, the most powerful passports in the world are now the same as those in developing countries, thanks to travel restrictions in a number of countries due to the coronavirus.

In theory, the Japanese passport can be used to enter 193 countries without a visa or on arrival, making it the most powerful passport in the world, but in practice it only allows entry to 75 countries due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Singapore passport is the second most powerful passport, but while it previously provided entry to 192 countries, it is now only 70. It is very similar to having someone’s Dominican Republic passport.

Even passports fell out in countries where vaccination is doing well: The United Kingdom and the United States ranked fifth in the index, with the former having roughly a Ugandan passport and the latter with a Rwandan passport..

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