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Here are the results for the first month of Steam Deck – amazing performance!

Technical news – The company has analyzed Steam Deck compatibility with its mobile device, improving battery life and improving the experience of the device, which has been available to customers for a month.

Valve started shipping the first one a month ago steam surface devices for customers. The company reviewed some of the results achieved during this time, including the official list of over 2,000 games compatible with the portable console. It is planned to classify the entire store catalog into different categories according to whether it is operable, operable or incompatible.

There are already 2,000 games officially classified as Controlled or Playable on Steam Deck.

“We’re excited to see the community playing all kinds of games – new, old, small, big and all kinds – and it looks like gamers are really enjoying the Deck.” Valve says. “Until then, we will continue to test the Steam catalog and hope to announce here that we have reached another milestone. We also pay close attention to customer feedback on these tests to ensure that Deck Verified serves its purpose. To that end, we have added a feature where customers can provide their feedback and select Whether or not they agree with the verified rating of each title.

The priority is to provide support for as many games as possible, including those that use anti-fraud technology: “The two major anti-fraud services Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye offer full support for developers who choose to enable support for Proton and Steam Deck. Elden Ring and Apex Legends are two games that already benefit from these improvements.”

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Battery and other boosts

Other improvements in recent weeks include improved access to the Library, Game Store, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10, and soon compatibility with Windows 11.

Another important point is the improvement of battery life. The company states that the battery lasts between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the game, but “There are more options if we want to last longer. Last month, we added the option to reduce the frame rate to 15 frames per second (works great with visual novels, puzzle games and a number of simulation games). And for more savvy gamers, we added TDP (Power) settings. processor), GPU clock control, and FSR (screen scaling) to help improve battery life even further.”

source: Vandal