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Here is the latest figure: More than 155,000 Hungarians will be in Britain after Brexit

Britain withdrew from the EU on January 31, but EU citizens settled in the country legally and customary until the end of 2020, following an 11-month transition period following the expiration of the British EU (Brexit). They can continue to retain all the rights they have acquired. However, they must apply for a residence permit for an indefinite period of time, which is officially established status.

The deadline is, in principle, 30 June. However, the UK government has previously indicated that it will accept applications submitted indefinitely for reasonable reasons, and in any case continues to encourage applicants to submit their applications because the authorities will accept and evaluate the criteria for establishing formal applications.

Of the 27 EU citizens living in the UK, 108,940 submitted their applications between June 30 and August 31, two months after the deadline, according to a new summary released Thursday by the UK Home Office.

As of the last day of August, 6,159,800 applications had been received from EU citizens and 5,709,200 had been processed.

In 52 per cent of the applications approved and approved by August 31, they were submitted to the applicants permanently – that is, without a deadline – and in 42 per cent of the cases already settled.

The latter is available to those who arrived before 31 December 2020 with the intention of establishing themselves but have not yet completed a five year career in the UK at the time of submission. They can wait until the end of five years and then get a final residence permit. Until then, they are fully entitled to the rights they purchased.

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As of Thursday’s announcement, the UK Home Office had rejected 3 per cent of applications examined by the end of last month. 2 per cent of the applications were withdrawn by the applicants and 1 per cent were found to be invalid.

According to the country-by-country database for information, it shows the situation from June 30, so does not include the period from June to the end of August, with the Poles and Romanians topping the list with 1,107,060 and 1,082,260 settlements, respectively. With an application.

As many as 155,490 Hungarian citizens applied for a permanent residence permit in the UK by June 30, according to figures from the Home Office in London.

The ministry had earlier indicated that the acquired rights of those who submitted their application to the settlement status within the deadline but had not yet been notified of the outcome of the assessment would be fully exercised until the end of their case. Meanwhile, the ministry has extended the same guarantee to those who have submitted or filed their application after June 30.

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