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Here is the report: The Russians have not made any progress in the last 24 hours

As before We have already reportedThe British government has announced: Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in Britain.

The British military has been training Ukrainian forces in Ukrainian territory since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, but withdrew in February to avoid direct confrontation with Russian forces and the possibility of NATO involvement in the conflict. The British government recently announced that aid would continue in Britain, with a small Ukrainian unit arriving in the island nation.

British Department of Defense Breakfast Subject Includes:

  • Despite the increased activity, Russian forces have not achieved significant success in the last 24 hours as counter-attacks by Ukrainians continue to hamper their efforts.
  • The Russian air and naval forces were unable to gain control of both regions, as the effectiveness of the Ukrainian air and naval defense reduced the capacity for significant improvement.
  • Despite the fact that Mariupol is said to have been occupied, fierce fighting continues, which thwarts Russian attempts to occupy the city, further reducing the desired advance on the Donbass.

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