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Here’s the first preview of the live Netflix series Resident Evil

Resident Evil is familiar to many because of Milla Jovovich, but now we’ll be able to see the story on Netflix from a whole new perspective.

Although Resident Evil is basically a video gameThe filmmakers have been really inspired by the story, so we’ve seen many adaptations in recent decades, but we can also tell that they haven’t necessarily enjoyed undivided success among game fans.

Perhaps Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil series, which debuted in July, could improve the perception of the franchise somewhat, and we dare conclude that there have been pretty huge promises from the creators about the new series.

And in the first preview, we can also see that there will be some innuendo for 2022, but the story will basically take place in 2036, after the apocalypse. In the 2022 scenes we can see that Jade and Billie Wesker (Albert Wesker’s daughters) are slowly discovering the shady deals their father was involved in, and then in the 2036 scenes they were actually battling the runaway Umbrella virus.

This year’s latest Netflix creation It will start on July 14th In the broadcast service provider’s offer, so far all that is known is that The first season will be 8 partsbut it’s possible that if it monetizes correctly, Netflix will even ask for a sequel.

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