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[Hétvégame] This is what PC Guru plays with

In our authors, a weekend can’t go by without a game either, and some will now share with you how they passed the silence before Monday.

I think on behalf of the entire editorial staff, I can say that PC Guru is a place where work and leisure, as well as hobbies and careers, meet in a good way. Usually one would try to pack into the weekend all that he does not have time on a weekday, including a little relaxation, since the latter in many cases the equivalent of video games, an old favorite, a missed novelty, or even Long – a new candidate often appears these days. Our weekend In our column, week after week, some of our authors provide insight into what title they just got and why, but let’s also see what came out this week.

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Making a list is a strange thing: you bring up a lot of memories that you don’t take from a hidden corner of your mind that is already full of things every day. However, when it crawls, it hits harder. Well, that’s what made my Best List in 2021 and the short-term nostalgia it takes.


I almost forgot how much I had fun that year scrapnut In his own world of exploration and collectibles and how much I loved the story too. So, as I officially end Christmas Survivors Day today, I’d like to relax in my shopper-scramble-mother line. To build nice things. Sewing and gardening. to gather. scrapnutwith fluff.

Accurate hit of the target

last weekend a infinite aura I reached the end. It was a very good introductory episode, I wonder when the second part will come. But the bottom line is that I finished at least a AAA title, plus the game proved how smart I am, because I figured out this clearly super secret 200 IQ Pro Player trick (noobok pictured below) on my own.


I never found it on my own Red Dead Redemption 2 A hoax, so chances are Christmas will be at least almost white, with the game’s snowfields open – if you don’t tap our noses in the meantime to take advantage of the Rockstar loophole. Originally CyberpunkI planned this for the holidays, but it looks like they got a few extra weeks to fix everything they promised or just expected.

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The situation is almost unchanged from last weekend: the beauty of 40-60+ hours of RPG is that it rips from the world for 40-60+ hours. Their drawback is that 40-60+ hours of playing through them…Since last week – at work and on the first day of vacation – over 20 have crept in, and I really hope they keep up with that pace. Unfortunately, I seem increasingly able to give up on my plan for the end of the year: there’s not much time left.


There are many games, many social games, and it wasn’t even a series that started the year at the time… Meanwhile, here’s the temptation to buy the latest discount on Steam Terminator: ResistanceThey came out huge Project Zomboid update as well. The last time I looked was in 2014, but now the desire is so great, so if not for the long haul, I’ll definitely buy a ticket for it for an hour or two. And if we can reconcile, we will continue with Zoo_Lee GTFOIt may also be the best multiplayer game of the year!

This could have been our weekly report for the weekend. What game are you going to this weekend?