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Higher Education: A record-breaking university graduate in the UK this year

Eighteen-year-olds of 272 ethers started university in the island country this year — 7% more than the number of students starting last year.

According to UCAS (University and College Admissions Office) in the UK, 272,000 eighteen-year-old students have entered higher education this year. 38% of seniors have applied to higher education: this figure is a record in the country, and in the last academic year, places, including the lack of online education and social programs, have shown particular interest in higher education.

However, the number of university students in the island country is declining, largely due to Brexit, with 56% fewer foreign students coming to UK universities this academic year. BBC. After all, under the new rules, students from the EU have no special benefits, and even the possibility of student loans has been canceled – higher education in the island country is very expensive.

It is interesting to note that as a result of leaving the Union, there will be more Peruvian students in the UK than in Danes and more from Kuwait than in the Netherlands. And the number of Chinese students from all EU countries is higher than the number of students. A total of 448,000 students started the university this year, along with students from abroad and all ages.

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