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Hitman 3 comes out with many new features next year

Danish IO Interactive has confirmed that the final episode of the Hitman series won’t be left out next year either, as loads of new features are planned for the game. New story events, tracks, locations, and game modes are also coming.

Despite the slow loading of his first birthday in Hitman 3, IO Interactive is one In a blog post He announced that the next year’s self-proclaimed killers would not be disqualified either. The head of the Danish studio, Hakan Abrak, explained that the latest chapter of the series will continue to receive a number of new features in 2022. VR mode will be available on PC at the beginning of the year, and Elusive Target Arcade will be presented in January.

Later on, PC gamers will get the long-awaited ray tracing support, you’ll encounter new places, even newer game modes, and some surprises that fans have been asking for from the team for far too long. New contract missions, challenges to come, and the story is spun further.

As it turns out, the World of Assassination trilogy has come a long way for fans so far, with over 50 million players featuring three episodes of the series, of which Hitman 3 is the series’ most popular episode.

In addition to Hitman, the Danes are also working on another game. It will be the James Bond match announced last November.

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