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Hockey: Alex Kovacs and Zombor Dozi off the frame

Alex Kovács has been disqualified from the Hungarian men’s hockey team preparing for the Ljubljana Division I/A World Championship, which begins May 3, due to illness and injury to Zsombor Dóczi.

Alex Kovacs outside the frame (Photo: Janos Adam/Northern Hungary)

According to the Hungarian Football Federation (MJSZ) website, Macaulay Scott of MAC HKB Újbuda will be a member of the squad in the second week of World Cup preparations.

The national team is already in a training match this week, with Ukraine being the opponent in Miskolk on Thursday. Half of ticket proceeds are provided by MJSZ to help Ukrainian hockey children and their families residing in Hungary.

Fed captain Sean Simpson’s squad will meet the Ukrainians at Sixfervervar next Tuesday, after three days at the Vasas Ice Center with the Ukrainians again, and on April 28 with South Korea. The Slovenian and South Korean teams on May 3 and 8. Division I / A will be among the opponents in the World Cup, as well as Lithuania and Romania.

Selected Hungarian World Championship Program

April 14, Miskolc
6 m:
Hungary and Ukraine
April 19, Sixphere
7 m: Hungary – Slovenia
April 22 Vasas Ice Centre, Budapest
7 m:
Hungary and Ukraine
April 28 Vasas Ice Centre, Budapest
5:15 PM: Hungary and South Korea

selected frame
Miklós Rajna (UTE), Bence Bálizs (MAC Újbuda)

Defenders: Nándor Fejes (Gyergyó Hockey Club – Romania), Macaulay Scott (MAC Újbuda), Szvaldi Bence (DVTK Polar Bears), Garát Zsombor (MAC Újbuda), Kiss Roland (DVTK Polarly Bears), Tamás PozCberge (MAC Újbuda) ), MAC Újbuda)), Dániel Kiss, (UTE)
Attackers: Christoph Papp (Michigan State University – America), Donat Szeta (Amiens – French), Peter Vincei (Gyergyó Hockey Club – Romanian), Galandez Nikandros (DVTK Polar Bears), Tamas Sarbatky (Gyergyó Hockey Club – Romanian), Richard Toth Újbuda) , Kreisz Brúnó (MAC Újbuda), Ákos Szigeti (Gyergyó Hockey Club – Romania), Miskolczi Márk (DVTK Polar Bears), Császár Hunor (Gyergyó Hockey Club – Romania), Vas Jmannános (HC Márkáno)

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Federal Captain Shawn Simpson
Coach Zoltan Szilassy
Coach Zabolex Fodor
goalkeeper tamas farkas
Dr. Henrik Ribaltowski Team Physician
Physiotherapist Borse Attila
Antal Dennis Physiotherapist
Fitness coach Sandor Puskás
Joseph Nagy Equipment Manager
Levente Szilágyi is the captain

Selected Hungarian World Championship Program
Tuesday 3 May
Hungary and South Korea
Wednesday 4 May
Friday May 6
7 m:
Sunday May 8
Hungary and Romania