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Hockey: NHL Record Coach certified Hydro Fehérvár AV19

Kevin Konstantin, the American, will be the head coach of Hydro Fehérvár AV19, replacing Finn Antti Karhula, who extended his contract on March 26, but was sent after losing the Hungary Cup Final on April 6, after finishing the quarter-finals at the Austria-based ICEHL. Not many professionals with this pedigree have yet worked in Sexfair or Hungary …

Kevin Constantine (Photo:


One of the club’s history, if not the biggest name, was confirmed on the bench by Hydro White Castle AV19 when he signed American Kevin Constantine for a period of 2 + 1 years.

Only his countryman, Ted Satur, was a caliber who earned two franchises in the NHL qualifiers a total of three times and worked for 13 years in the world’s best hockey league before spending two years at Székesfehérvár near the end of his career, and also two in the Hungarian Hockey League. the National.

‘A trainer with extraordinary knowledge’
Victor Zelig, General Manager of Fehérvár: – As a highly experienced and knowledgeable trainer, I hope his classmates will also be good mentors. We need our hockey team to play a more organized game next season, which is what we expected from the coach. He’s reached the highest levels abroad and in Europe too, so hopefully he can help the team move to the next level.

Although the 62-year-old Constantine spent “only” eight years in the NHL, she has taken her to the qualifiers five times in the meantime, and has two milestones that could be very close in her ability to perform extremely volatile year to year at the Austria-based ICEHL. Fehérvár is unable to advance from the quarter-finals at the moment.

He did it twice, hitting the best first team with his worst team at number 8, which he can only say about himself at his age, and after having the San Jose Sharks in their third year in the NHL, they scored another 58 points compared to the previous season. , Which is, of course, a record.

“I was very young, but she helped me train the farm team for the past two years – Constantine said now. – We have improved a lot compared to the previous season, which is still a record, but no one remembers that we started with 0-8-1 balance, so we had one draw, so if you were a seasoned coach, they would likely be sent off … Chance We reversed the situation. “

In the 1993-1994 season, he was 34 years old as the youngest coach in the NHL, but through his bravery above, he was instantly awarded the title of Coach of the Year, which, although he didn’t get it, was honored by the American Hockey Association.

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Later working in Calgary, Pittsburgh and New Jersey, the list of players turning under his hand is a sport of her fit – the following list is far from complete!

In San Jose, his subordinates included Russian Igor Larionov, Sergey Makarov, Latvia Arturs Irby, Sandys Ozzolins and American Mike Sullivan, who became Stanley’s coach twice.

In Pittsburgh, Czech Garomir Jager, Robert Lang, Martin Stracha, Russian Alexei Kovalev and Morozov, Lithuanian Darius Kasparitis, and Canadian Mario Lemio weren’t all lining up just because he was retired, so only Constantine was president. Jersey, however, Marty Brodeur from Canada, Scott Stephens and Scott Niedermeier, all members of Patrick Elias, Jason Arnott, Streak Peter Sicora and John Vanbesbrook, who gave demonstration training for the Cabbage County goalkeeper in 2009 – what a god, Sator and Walker He has an invitation.

“Later in the later stages of their career, one begins to think about how it affects their players. If someone calls, after three to four or five years of working together, and tells them that they have learned a lot about hockey and life and become a hockey player or coach or a better spouse and father To me, it means more to me than results, what we achieved on ice – Constantine the bankrupt, then on the other hand, also examined the question of who had the most influence on him. “The NHL was really Canadian during the first 80 years, and you can hardly find an American coach. You are more diverse today. My best companions were books, on hockey, basketball, football, coaching and coaching life in general. I’ve read hundreds of these books.”

As a player, Constantine did not make a lasting impression, although he coined it as the 9/154 Montreal Canadiens in 1978, but was only invited to test play in 1980, where he did not qualify. After that, he didn’t play anymore, but he initially tried to be a carpenter, waiter, and car dealer in civilian life, then replaced his goalkeeper things with his coaches and entered the National Hockey League for a decade.

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From there he later signed for a short time in France, a longer time in Switzerland, then switched in the Far East and jumped last season to Poland in November.

“Before I landed a contract in France, I talked to a lot of people from professions and civic life about whether or not I should ramp up. In hockey, everyone said God forbid. On the other hand, others say that if I can keep doing it.” What I love and living in France in the meantime, so go ahead! So I did and traveled to Switzerland, the Far East and Poland, which I loved all because I love learning about cultures, and how societies are similar and different ‘- Constantine, who already had an indirect connection to Hungarian hockey in many places and times continued, only these things now make sense.

For example, when his former player, Tyler Dietrich from Canada, worked as a youth coach at White Castle in the first half of 2010, Constantine, who arrived through him, was already negotiating with the club’s management at the time. In Switzerland, in Umbry-Pota, Italian Canadian Diego Scandela was the second coach, who was part of the Hungarian men’s national team at the time of our promotion in 2008 and 2015, and the Swiss men’s team led by Canadian-British Sean Simpson was our federation captain. They faced Victor Zelig, the general manager of Hirvar, when Constantine coached Angers in 2010 and Selig was still playing at Briancon.

Now, however, he can follow Fehérvár, arriving on the one hand without the family so that his younger son can finish his school, and on the other hand posing with him the legendary question about goalkeepers, according to which: “How many people have spent decades of their lives shooting it ?!

About Kevin Constantin
nationality: American
Boy: 1958. December 27, International Falls, Minnesota
Post as a player: Doorman
NHL-Project: 9/154. (1978 Montreal Canadiens)
Clubs as players: International High Falls (US / USHS, 1976-1977), Rensselaer Polytech (US / NCAA, 1977-1980)
Teams as coaches: North Iowa Huskies (US / USHL, 1985-1986), Northwood School (US / USHS, 1986-1987), Rochester Mustang (US / USHL, 1987-1988), Kalamazoo Wings (US / IHL, 1988-1991 – second coach), US junior national team (1988-1991 – second coach), Kansas City Leeds (American / IHL, 1991-1993), San Jose Sharks (American / NHL, 1993-1996), Calgary Flames (Canadian / NHL, 1996-1997), Pittsburgh Penguins (US / NHL, 1997-1999), Pittsburgh Forge (US / NAHL, 2001, 2002-2003), New Jersey Devils (US / NHL, 2002), Everett Silvertips ( US / WHL, 2003-2007, 2013-2017), Houston Eros (US / AHL, 2007-2010), Angers (French, 2010), Ambri-Piotta (Switzerland, 2010-2012; 2012-2013 – consultant), Temjung Killer Whales (South Korea, 2018-2020), Unia Oswiecim (Polish, 2020-2021)
Best results as a coach: Champion of International Humanitarian Law (1992)
NHL balance as coach. Main Section: 377 matches, 161 wins, 61 draws, 5 bonuses, 150 losses. Hem: 21 wins, 29 defeats, 39.8% success rate
Individual Awards and Certificates: Coach of the Year in International Humanitarian Law (1992), Coach of the Year (Jack Adams) nominee in NHL (1994), American Federation winner (1994), Coach of the Year at WHL (2004)
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The tire is also ready
Fehérvár has taken an undisputed decisive position in the name of the head coach, but the player frame is also evolving, with half of last season’s players being extended and István Terbócs signed from MAC HKB Újbuda as well. At the moment, only the American Colton Hargrove is included in the category of late: he obtained a degree in the Czech Republic.
Austria-based ICEHL will expand to 14 teams from the 2021-2022 season, joining Italian (South Tyrol) Pustertal / Val Pusteria, and returning Czechs Orli Znojmo and Olimpija Ljubljana from Slovenia. Due to the increase in pitch, management will change: the regular season, which starts on September 17, will increase to 52 rounds, and there will be no midfield, instead of 7-10. She was placed in a two-win “Wild Card” round. The duel lasts from the quarter-finals to four wins.
White Water Castle AV19 2021-2022
Signed contract holders. Nightmare (1): Dániel Kornakker. Advocates (5): Tim Campbell, Paul Geiger (both Canadian), Milan Horvath, Pence Stepsich, Pence Sabo. Attackers (8): Istvan Bartales, Janus Hari, Okos Mihaly, Andrew Sarur, Istvan Terbosch, Tony Kahkonen (Finnish), Anzi Coralt (Slovenian), Alex Petan (Canadian-Italian)
ICEHL 2021-2022
the field: Bolzano, Postertal (Italian), Bratislava (Slovak), Dornbirn, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, Villach (Austrian), White Castle, Ljubljana (Slovenian), Znojmo (Czech)