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Holding a professional conference on the occasion of World Mental Health Day

Two days before World Mental Health Day, a conference was held in Kiskaba on Friday with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of combating prejudice related to mental problems and people with mental health problems.

The event started with an award ceremony. Dr. Bali Hermina Award, awarded since 2009 to an individual working in the helping or human profession and achieving outstanding results, in 2021 Maria DandyVolunteer from the Dr. Bali Hermina Foundation. Hungarian Society of Spiritual Telephone Service Award for First Aid this year Mrs. Szabon d. Clara Kallay A clinical psychologist deserves it.

The conference focused on the mental health challenge of the epidemic and its impact on the elderly. Dr. Gabor Vinci During the coronavirus pandemic, doctors have not dealt with patients or patients in person, said the county’s chief psychiatrist. The goal is to restore recovery to a pre-pandemic state.

It is very difficult to return to the character in everyday life, in the treatment of mental illness. Professionals, patients, and patients are also used to telemedicine, but this often pushes issues into the background and Care He stressed that it is not sufficiently done in such cases.

tamas fargaIn his welcoming speech, Vice Mayor of Piquescapa emphasized that such a conference draws attention to the fact that all people are responsible for themselves and their environment, but that they can do much more if their mental health is in order.

Erica DudasThe president of the Hungarian Society of Spiritual First Aid Telephone Services emphasized that it was important during their work that its staff, nearly 500 volunteer helpers, be spiritually stable.

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“We need to encourage, and help, callers to say that there is always a way out and how important it is for the person concerned to choose a positive coping strategy from a distressing situation,” he emphasized.

Among the attendees Kotroczóné Antal Theresia District President, President of the Medicines Coordination Forum in Pikiscaba “Families in the time of COVID-19”, And Margit Shechik, psychiatrist and consultant The Covid crisis and beyond They were able to listen to his lectures.