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Holick: The left’s desire for power takes precedence over everything, including the protection of human life

There is no social debate about vaccinations in Hungary, so no one else questions the safety and efficacy of vaccines other than the left led by Ferenc Gyurcsany, Fidesz’s communications director said on a program in Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

It was described by Stephen Hollick as very sad that the left, just because it wanted the failure of the government rather than the success of fighting the epidemic, made the effectiveness of vaccines a political issue to destabilize the people. He added, “Our misfortune” is that there is no example of this even abroad.

According to the politician, for two or three months the left has been trying to bother people about vaccinations.

He noted that Clara Dobrev, DK MEP,

Ferenc Gyurcsany’s wife recently stated in the Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV) that no one has yet said that oriental vaccines are effective and safe.

According to István Hollik, these vaccines are already in use in dozens of countries around the world, tens of millions of people have been vaccinated with them, and they are also approved by the Hungarian Medicines Agency.

According to the Communications Director, it should be concluded that:The left believes: if the defense attacks and the defense continues, it will be bad for the country, and it will be good for them.He added that

“The desire for power on the left goes beyond everything, now, in fighting the epidemic, even the eternal command to protect human life.”

In doing so, he stated, the left is putting its voters – that is, those who believe in them – the greatest risk.

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At the same time, he noted, the struggle of the big pharmaceutical companies against each other has also had an effect on Hungary. This battle, according to the politician, is embodied in various articles, and these articles can also destabilize one vaccine or the other.

He added that the Hungarian left-wing media “dedicated” articles attacking eastern vaccines.

István Hollik asked people to listen to “Science professionals“And do not believe”Left vaccination“Where

Vaccination is the solution, it is the only way to defeat the virus.

He indicated that everyone should register to receive the vaccine, and suggested that if a person was offered the vaccine, he would accept it.

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You can listen to the full conversation here.