Among other things, the toxicologist last week spoke of the need for Hungarian doctors to choose those who wear ventilators, denounced the exclusion of the press from hospitals, and criticized Viktor Orban’s statement.

Gabor Sacher was making a statement for Free Europe a few days ago, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of Minister Miklos Kassler – Writes The word of the people.

The newspaper reported that Professor Lagos Kolar, in a letter sent from the ministry’s email address, asked the heads of about 63 professional departments to judge whether it was morally correct, which Gabor Sacher said on the radio.

In the report, the emergency doctor, among others Talk about itThat no longer counts how many people put on a ventilator every day. He said it was not his habit to make irresponsible promises, and here he referred to Viktor Orban’s earlier words about healing those who might get sick. Referring to the prime minister, he added: “An account of 22,000 has slowly died in this epidemic in Hungary.”

The interview also focused on the restriction of journalism and the Bergamo dilemma. According to Gabor Sacher, doctors sometimes face the “Bergamo Dilemma,” even if not regularly, that is, they have to choose who is on the ventilator. They also had a case like this in a hospital in Teltan, and he had heard from colleagues that if there was no free ventilator, the person with a better chance of survival would have it.

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Zakher also spoke about the fact that it is a huge problem that the press cannot report from hospitals, and Victor Orban predicts that there will be “definitely fake” in the reports that are made there. According to him, it will be important for people to know and see what this disease looks like and what the epidemic looks like, not only from the interpretation of Cecilia Muller or Girgeli Golias, because it is not always related to reality.

Nipszava knows that the heads of many professional departments rejected Kollar’s request by saying that it was not their job to express themselves in ethical matters.

The newspaper asked the ministry, and Laios Kolar himself, why the professional colleges were asking their opinion about the medical ethical validity of Gabor Sacher’s statement, but he has yet to receive any answer. Gabor Sacher only told Nipszava that he was aware of the letter, but had nothing to say about the matter.

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