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Hong Kong bans transit flights from 150 countries

The airport announced Friday that passengers from more than 150 countries will be barred from transiting through Hong Kong in the city’s latest tightening of anti-virus travel measures.

The move will deepen Hong Kong’s global isolation as the city pursues a strict virus-free policy, so some airlines have already begun to avoid landing in Chinese territory. However, no Olympic delegates have been reported to apply exceptions.

Hong Kong ranks countries according to the spread of coronavirus infection within the country, and currently there are 153 countries in Group A, from which arrivals must quarantine for 21 days before entering the country.

Eight countries have also been denied entry, including Australia, Canada, France, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Therefore, the EMA does not approve the Sputnik V vaccine.

In addition, passenger transportation/carrying services through Hong Kong International Airport will be suspended for all persons who have been in specific Group A location or locations in the past 21 days, and this suspension will be effective for an entire month on Sunday, he said. NDTV.

These steps were introduced as the city is struggling with a minor outbreak due to the release of an omicron, which began with a returning Cathay Pacific team that violated quarantine regulations. The government is still investigating the company and is likely to face legal action.

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