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Honor 50 comes on June 16th

We also have the exact date, and the design of the dual ring camera is almost certain based on the promotional video.

First The month of May was speculatedThen the date started turning very slowly, but now it is certain: We just have to wait until June 16, that is, a good two weeks, for a full disclosure. Snapdragon chip, And presumably the Honor 50 series with GMS features.

Possible fee for Honor 50
Possible fee for Honor 50 (Source: GSM circuit) [+]

The news was shared by the company itself on its Weibo profile and it also brought vloggers to the attention of the product, which showcases some more special video capabilities. No other information was mentioned in the brief post, and since we are talking about a Chinese presentation, Google’s bundle probably won’t get the same amount of words that we are hoping for from Europe.

a He recently left the Huawei family In any case, the Honor 50s is still its former one It was designed with its parent companyJudging by the leaked photos, it would be difficult to at least deny the similarity. Honor 50 family, according to current news They can also get 6.79-inch AMOLED technology with a 120Hz refresh rate display, a 50MP main camera and a telephoto camera (or binoculars in the Pro case) as well as a wide-angle mobile phone viewing angles and normal viewing angles, and their wired charger can be 100 watts.