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Horner: Don’t mess with the rules of aerodynamics

The bouncing of Formula 1 and Dolphin cars is a permanent phenomenon in the 2022 rules system, which places great emphasis on the effect of suction, and after some teams and many competitors have spoken out about the health risks of this, the International Automobile Association has committed. Solve the problem. Already from the French Grand Prix They will specify a specific metric that teams must adhere to when calibrating ground clearance, but the FIA ​​is not satisfied with that, Starting next season, they are preparing to tweak the aerodynamic rules in order to completely banish reboundthat’s why a difference Computer simulation help is required.

“We continue to strive to implement changes by 2023 that will reduce the car’s aerodynamic susceptibility,” Motorsport quoted Nicholas Tombazis, FIA Division President, as saying. “We will soon ask the teams Support research work aimed at this By running different versions of their car in CFD and reporting their results to the FIA.”

Mercedes, the hardest hit by rebound, wouldn’t mind changing the base too often, On the other hand, more and more competing teams are unhappy with what they believe are excessive measures taken by the FIA. The strongest speaker this time was Red Bull principal Christian Horner, who said that not only is the cost limit, but also logic will determine whether the sport allows the stables to find a natural solution to liquidate this unpleasant motoring behaviour.

“I think it’s too late to make changes for next year,” Horner said. And then we didn’t even talk about the cost. Sometimes there are unintended consequences of such philosophical changes, which affect the items we can keep for next year, that is, they disrupt planning and development.”

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“and, most importantly: The key to budget stabilization is stability itself. And the cars will converge over time, and you can already see that some of them are starting to look more and more similar, and the process will continue for the next six to nine months.”

So the bottom line is that Don’t mess with the rules. Just leave them alone and the teams will work out the problem themselves.”

while he AlpsFrom Otmar Szafnaur, from Alfa Romeo Frederic Vasseur, a Hass For his part, Gunther Steiner also warned against changes to the next year’s technical rules at such an advanced stage of the season due to costs and developments already underway for 2023. mercedes According to its technical director, Mike Elliott, ensuring safety comes first.

Racers say it is uncomfortable and even unsafe to drive cars with strong rebound. And I think the sport has to respond to that. The difficulty may be that the cars are designed around suction to make it easier to overtake. The only question is how Is it possible to retain some of the effect of this feature even if we remove the bounce– Reflects the technical director of Mercedes.