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How and why should we feed our dog to be in good health?

Food is vital to all living things, and is no different from dogs. Feeding the most loyal companion isn’t necessarily easy, but if we follow some rules, our four-legged pet can make the jump with good health.

Think about it: a person’s health is also greatly affected by the way they eat, and the eating habits we develop for our pets determine how healthy our dog is and how resilient he is with the dangers lurking around him. In order for a dog’s body to be resistant to disease, it needs a certain amount of meat, minerals and vitamins to build a strong immune system.

Good dog

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First, you need to know how dog digestion works

To breed a healthy dog ​​with proper nutrition, it is important to know how digestion works in dogs. A dog’s intestinal tract is short, which is why they need fast-digesting nutrients: they primarily require a protein-based diet of animal origin. They also need carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements, in appropriate amounts and proportions. If an ingredient is not available to the dog, a deficiency can occur in the body, which may lead to health problems.

What do you need to feed your dog to be healthy?

There are some nutrients that an animal cannot do without. Like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and of course vitamins, minerals, and fiber. At the same time, our age, health, and lifestyle must also be taken into consideration when crafting food.

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Also pertinent to shaping your dog’s diet is that our housekeepers are descended from wolves. When a wolf is killed, the wolf eats its feces and food for the killed animal, so it is imperative that a dog’s diet includes vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates.

If we keep our dog at home, that is, we collect and cook our food, we need to make sure that it is all there. It’s easier for those who choose nutritious nutrition as their favorite. Today, you can choose from countless high-quality foods, but before getting into the breed it is worth asking your veterinarian for an opinion or asking a specialist store for advice on the diet you choose.

Since the dog’s ancestor is the predatory wolf, when designing a diet or choosing food, keep in mind that the quantity and quality of meat is most important to the dog. The more meat in our dogs’ diet, the greater our resistance to disease.

Whatever food you choose, when you look at it, check the back of the product to see how much food it contains and whether it is suitable for your pet. If the ingredients are driven by wheat, corn, or other grains, we prefer not to purchase them. Choose one that is high in meat. Since the dog is descended from the wolf, his digestive system reflects the eating habits of a carnivore: For a dog, meat is the easiest source of nutrients to digest, so his food should contain the highest possible content of meat.

Not everything is meat

Protein, fats, vitamins and minerals also play an important role in keeping dogs healthy. It is best to introduce it into your dog’s body as part of a complete and balanced diet of vital vitamins and minerals, but of course we cannot always do so, so fortunately we can already choose from countless nutritional supplements.

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It is recommended to buy products with the prefix “multi” of vitamins, as we do not know which vitamin our body needs the most. Vitamins are given to our dog as a treatment, otherwise we overdose which may saturate the body. If you are planning a vitamin regimen for your dog, ask your veterinarian for his opinion on exactly what type of vitamin and how much to give to all four legs.

Dogs also contain superfood

As with human food, our dogs have what are called superfoods: highly nutritious foods that are especially good for health. These foods help the body regenerate and even prevent disease, and they have a particularly good effect on certain parts of the body and organs.

Coconut oil (full of Vitamin E, has a good effect on dog’s hair and tissues), sweet potatoes (have an immunomodulatory effect, and can help cope or prevent various diseases), and blueberries (have an antioxidant effect) are also considered superfood for dogs. . Quinoa (an alternative source of carbohydrates that can also be used to prevent cardiovascular disease). Carrots (the beta-carotene content not only prevents heart disease but also improves vision and can make a great toothpaste if you give your dog a single piece), and pumpkin (rich in immune-boosting vitamins A and C, iron).

Be a responsible owner!

Just a pinch? Lyme disease, babesiosis, leishmaniasis, heartworms and skinworms. Here are some examples of diseases and parasites that can be our favorites with bites. That’s why it’s so important to take care of their preventive, bite-free protection all year round!

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