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How can you lose weight over 40? So eat and move for lasting results – follow a diet

By the age of forty, one is usually more confident, standing with two feet on the ground, and thanks to the experience gained, no longer falls in love with tricks and cheap games. It’s also hard to list the number of positive returns that past years have brought in, but so far not only has a mental shift started, but a physical transformation has also begun.

It is no coincidence that the age of forty is a milestone in life. Hormonal changes occur in the body, the metabolic processes slow down somewhat, and the muscles reduce. The pounds that are difficult to shed, especially in the abdominal area, can go unnoticed, but they are not impossible. With some extra attention, dream shapes can be preserved or made available.

Movement over 40 years old

In addition to work and family programs, many people feel they have no time for exercise. However, it is very important not only for toning, but also for maintaining health. It is recommended that you schedule at least two or two and a half hours of training each week, and it’s even worth keeping the dates on the calendar for it to be a real discipline.

To avoid muscle loss, which mainly begins in women who have already entered menopause, it is advised to include strength training. Colorize your exercise plan with weight or your own weight training exercises, such as lying down or squatting, preferably twice a week.

Not only is the focus on building muscle, but also on burning calories. Try fat burning exercises like tabata or interval training.

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Stress makes matters worse, as you are more likely to eat some carbohydrate-rich sweets or junk food while feeling stressed. Try yoga or meditation from time to time, take a longer walk in the fresh air, or simply read a good book.

Eating Tips

It doesn’t hurt to pay more attention to how you eat, too. Half of the plate should always be filled with fresh vegetables, which contain more nutrients and fiber than meat or pasta. If possible, prepare food in the oven with the least amount of fat possible, or have it roasted or steamed.

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Over the age of 40, it is worth paying more attention to the amount of calories you eat, and try foods and drinks that have been shown to power your metabolism, such as green leafy vegetables and ginger tea.

Don’t miss breakfast. The delicious porridge with fruit or scrambled eggs will quench your hunger and drastically reduce your chances of picking up some store-bought sandwiches before lunch.

Drink as much water as possible! Hydrate intake of water, also beneficial to brain function, does not accidentally reduce appetite, and also has a metabolic effect. It is recommended to consume eight cups per day, that is, at least two liters of water, but this also depends on your weight and height, you can easily calculate the ideal amount.


If possible, drink as little alcohol as possible. Alcohol significantly slows down the process of losing weight and increases appetite. It can even cause sleep disturbances, all of which makes it difficult to get rid of greasy pads.

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If you’re feeling an irresistible craving for something, eat an apple or oilseeds rich in healthy fats or berries, or maybe a dice or two of chocolate instead of snacks. You can achieve visible results within weeks if you pay attention to it.

1,300 calories for a weekly menu

Your menu should include nutrient-dense foods, whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats that ensure a feeling of fullness even with low calories.

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