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How did David Black’s life collapse?

Once loved and celebrated by a country, David is now sitting on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement of hundreds of millions of forint. What happened, where are you still life? Collected by Blikk.

David Black appeared at the age of 22 in the fourth season of Megastar, reaching the finals, and finishing second behind King Victor. Fans liked her so much, he put on loads of shows, and had a successful future ahead of him – but now he’s arrested and accused of stealing hundreds of millions of forint.

“I really liked this world, I really liked being successful, and I love it.” – Tell Krisztián Lakatos, Blikk’s former rival to Blikk. The singer’s private life was okay too, and Laura and Xerbs considered their dream husband, and David asked for the girl’s hand on TV while the Mr. and Mrs. aired.

David BlackSource: TV2

However, in 2013, they divorced, which was not beneficial for David’s career. “David was convinced that his ex-wife’s family wanted to destroy it, although I think it simply happened that fans needed a fairy tale love story between them, not the sad solo singer,” one of his colleagues said, a friend explained.

David’s second wife became Regina Horvath, while her new management was working to further her career, but something went wrong along the way. “We released his album in 2015, and there were a lot of inquiries. The following year, he still had a song or two, but then in 2017 he decided to go more into the auto business. The former manager, Attila Tillinger, said,” he should have Stays in it. In the profession because they were loved by people and a very talented singer. “

According to his previous music, David lost his hunger for money: “It was very important to him that he had a lot of money to show that he was alive, and he had a car with millions of dollars, and he had very expensive things, and I think that said why he got into this vortex he didn’t He can get out of it. “

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