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How many steps are there to health? This is what the latest research says

The Tap will also take 10,000 steps a day, but that’s the info Where and from what reliable source, no one really knows. The TED Ideas Journalists compare the latest research and summarize the end result.

Women in the African Hadza tribe take an average of 13,000 steps a day, while the Canadian Amish walk 14,000, considering they have no cars. Our ancestors, still preparing for hunting and fishing, had to travel dozens of miles a day to get food. If they weren’t able to do so, the evolution history would likely be different. Their example shows that the more we move, the better and harder we can get food. Metabolism expert Dr. Hermann Pontzer says the fact that everything is healthy is just a plus.

Everything looks great, the only question now is that when we just have to go up to the polar shop or just our laptop to get food, do we really need that much movement. The answer probably won’t surprise anyone: yes.

Health risk level and number of steps according to research. Source: Lancet

Quoted from Ted, Lancet from the overall search As for the number of our daily steps, it turns out to be related to the mortality rate. he is called…

  • The mortality rate is lower for people under the age of 60 who prefer to walk 8, 10,000 steps a day
  • Among women age 45 or older, the 4,400 steps are critical. There was also a significant difference in the mortality rate of women entering 2,700 and 7,500 – needless to say, in favor of the latter.
  • More than 60, 6 and 8 thousand perfect steps
  • Studies have also shown that speed is not relevant, only the number of steps that matters
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The author of the article adds that walking can, of course, be replaced by other forms of movement, but it is necessary to incorporate some form of exercise into every day.