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Hubert Kós finished 7th with a national record of 1

Hubert Kós finished 7th with a national record of 1

Hubert Kós swam a new individual and national record and finished seventh in the men’s 100m backstroke final at the 2023 World Aquatic Championships. Besides him, two other Hungarians swam for the final on Tuesday afternoon. Pádár Nikolett finished 10th in the 200 breaststroke, while Marton Richard was a finalist with a person best in the 200 butterfly.

Hubert Koss finished seventh in the men’s 100m backstroke final (Photo: István Derencsényi/MTI)

This happened in the post-match matches before the final

Men’s 100m back

It started well Hubert Koss In the men’s 100 backstroke final, the Hungarian competitor finished last Individual swimming and a new national peak, he finished seventh His record improved on Monday. American gold Ryan Murphy Falling on a neck, Italy’s Thomas Ciccone, who was only two hundredths behind him, crossed the finish line in second place, while Hunter Armstrong, who swam course number eight, managed to take third place on the podium.

“I swam really well – he said in front of the M4 Sport cameras Aries.I’m happy with the time, I did it all. And since I was five-tenths away from the medal, that’s a good result.”

The competitor also revealed that he is not standing at the starting point in the 200 medley, as he wants to focus on the 200 linebacker, for the main one.

1 – Ryan Murphy (USA), 52.22
2- Thomas Ciccone (Italy) 52.27
3. Hunter Armstrong (USA) 52.58

7 – Hubert Koz (Hungary) 53.11

Men’s 200m Butterfly Preliminary

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in second place, He represents the best character He finished with a time of 1:54.54 Richard Marton In his first semi-final in the men’s 200 butterfly, he reached the final of the event in sixth place.

“When I saw the light showing the two of them, I couldn’t believe it at first. I didn’t know what the number was, so I just pressed on.” Marton told M4 Sport in surprise.

Women’s 200m straight – Qualifications

Nicolette Bader She finished fourth in the first semi-final of the women’s 200 IM with an impressive swim. The 17-year-old swimmer finished the race with a time of 1:56.55 He survived the Olympic level time. However, he failed to reach the finals, falling short of a final by only six centuries and finishing 10th.

Women’s breaststroke 100 metres

Ten years later, Lithuania can once again celebrate the title of world champion in the 100-meter distance ruta melotite, Which left no chance for its opponents in the women’s 100 breaststroke. Behind him, the competition was very close, with four of them having reached the finish line within the space of 23 centuries. The second place came from South Africa, Tatiana Schoenmaker, while the American Lydia Jacoby, the Tokyo Olympic champion, who shook her hair, came in third place. World record holder Lily King finished only fourth.

1 – Ruta Milotet (Lithuania) 1:04.62
2. Tatiana Schoenemaker (South Africa) 1:05.84
3. Lydia Jacoby (USA) 1:05.94

Women’s 100m backstroke

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The women’s 100 final was very tight until the last metres, and in the end the Australian was a hair better Kylie McCune, who won his country’s fifth gold medal. American Regan Smith was second, while the bronze medal went to the American and, somewhat surprisingly, Katherine Berkoff finished third.

1 – Kylie McCune (Australia) 57.53
2. Regan Smith (USA) 57.78
3. Katherine Berkoff (USA), 58.25

1500m speed for women

Katie Ledecky In time the others raced the women’s 1500 IM final. Leaving no doubt at the end of the track, the 26-year-old American took the early lead, and since then, there’s been only one question: Will the world record hold together? In the end, she didn’t come, but Ledecky once again showed why she’s the queen of the track and won her fifth World Cup title. The silver medal was won by Simona Quadarella, while the bronze went to China’s Li Bingjie.

1. Katie Ledecky (USA) 15:26.27
2- Simona Quadarella (Italy) 15:43.31
3- Li Bing Jie (China) 15: 45.71

Men’s 200m sprint

Tuesday’s finals started with a big upset, as David Popovici never won a medal in the 200-meter freestyle. Great from the Brits in the finale of the issue, thanks to a great hundred seconds Matthew Richards Hit the target first. His compatriot Tom Dean finished second, while the bronze medal went to South Korea’s Hwang Sun-fu. In the fifties, David Popovici, who was initially considered a great favorite for the number, was still in pole position, but the Romanian eventually ran out of steam and missed the podium, finishing fourth.

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1. Matthew Richard (Great Britain) 1:44.30
2. Tom Dean (Great Britain) 1:44.32
3- Hwang Sun Fu (South Korea) 1: 44.42