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Huge forest fire ignites 70 kilometers from the Hungarian border

Around noon on Monday, a forest fire broke out on the side of an Austrian mountain called the Rax in Mittagstein. Firefighters marched into the mountains with great force, about 200 firefighters were already working at night, and the number of people involved in the work rose to 300 on Tuesday.

Firefighters are also trying to curb the flames from the ground and the air, and have set up defensive lines to prevent the flames from spreading to surrounding settlements. He was also able to secure a factory near the fire department.

So far, about 115 acres of forest have been burned, and in addition to hundreds of firefighters, several helicopters are operating in the area. Although there was no wind gusts on Tuesday morning versus Monday, experts now expect easterly winds to blow and vaccination will take at least 4-5 days.

a noe.ORF.atDistrict Fire Brigade Joseph Huber described the situation as follows:

It was one of the largest wildfires in Austria ever.

Armed Forces spokesman Michael Power said the Home Office and Armed Forces flew a total of 8 aircraft over Mount Rax in several waves, including two Black Hawk helicopters. While other aircraft can only hold 450 gallons, the Black Hawk can hold 3,000 gallons of water.

According to the state’s fire chief, several firefighters were already injured during the rescue, so ambulances were alerted as well.

Cover image source: Johannes Simon / Getty Images

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