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Hugh Jackman Recorded In A Brilliant Video: Talk About His Deadly Illness

He has been battling skin cancer for many years Hugh Jackman. The 53-year-old Australian star is fighting homicide for the sixth time. By his own admission, the star who loves to swim and surf didn’t care much about the harmful effects of the sun before, however, Cancer has taught him to pay more attention to his skin. That’s why his doctors developed what he called basal cell carcinoma, which appears to be coming back.

“A few notes: Please check your skin regularly and never assume this can’t happen to you.” The star wrote for the video in which he spoke to our audience about his recurrent cancer.

“I visited the wonderful dermatologists and doctors and saw something a little different than usual. So they took a biopsy and checked it out, but said they thought everything was fine. But don’t forget: check yourself and always use sunscreen” the actor, who promised to keep his fans informed of his condition.

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