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Hugh Jackman welcomed his gritty color

The giving and friendly acceptance between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is one of the best things that have happened to the Internet in recent years. The two actors are X-Men Beginnings: he starred in Wolf, and perhaps none of them thinks back as a fun memory for a movie that tore apart both criticism and the audience. Reynolds first played the character Deadpool here, who was then forced to recreate it entirely for his indie stories, because – so to speak – he couldn’t be comically loyal in the 2009 X-Men movie ….

In any case, a kind of friendship has arisen between the two stars, as in recent years the Internet has always found an opportunity to talk to each other in some way or to absorb each other a little. This foolish struggle, of course, dwarfs him anyway Ben Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Besides, but at least funny are Reynolds’ appearances. In addition, the two stars are participating in the products they advertise (Gin Aviation and Laughing Man Coffee). “get benefit fromOther help.

But of course there are situations in life where the word should be taken very seriously, after which it can be immediately clear to everyone that Reynolds and Jackman are very close friends and support each other in everything. The former posted a post on Twitter and Mental Health Awareness Month. Instagram Also, where he’s talking so openly he also suffers from anxiety:

“May is coming to an end, and it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month. That’s why I wrote the following lines:

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One of the reasons I am writing this so late is that I always overdo it and often miss important things. And one of the reasons for overdoing it is my dear friend, who is always with me and is called anxiety. I know I’m not alone, but most importantly, you are the one who exaggerates it, overstays it, overdoes it, overdoes it yourself, you know, you are not alone either. We don’t talk enough about mental health, and we don’t talk enough to make people dare to talk about it. But, as is the case for this post, being late is better than not delaying. hopefull … “

Hugh Jackman responded to this post in the following video message:

“I can’t recommend the new AppleTV series, The Me You Can’t See from Oprah and Prince Harry enough. People are often stigmatized because of their mental health. That needs to change now. And what about my friend Ryan Reynolds for that it matters, no I can be more proud of you and more inspiring than your sincerity. “