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Human race test – the crucible of culture – description / test

Description / Test

Is it still possible to show something new within the genre, or is it just an overly civilized reproduction?

17/8/2017 08:30 | by gerig | Description / Test

French Amplitude Studios made their first game nearly ten years ago, which instantly laid the foundation for the hitherto popular game. without end Franchise business. They’ve been able to break into classic 4X space strategy and empire building strategy, but even tower defense spiced up with role-playing elements. But this year, the team is coming up with a game that, drawing on the many experiences of previous projects, has nothing to do with those programs in the world. But he, in turn, is preparing for something he hasn’t seen in years, but perhaps decades: pressure. Sid Meier’s Civilization Series. Furthermore, not only to pressure him, but to directly push him off his illusory throne. He is already an old king, whose rule may have been weak in recent years, it is time for him to be replaced by a new, younger, heir to the throne, full of strength, and above all introducing new ideas. would be Humanity? Or is he nothing more than a charlatan in the robe of the king of the pore-pleasing kind?

The human race test - a cultural melting pot

a Humanity He tells the usual story in the usual way. That is, the story of a nascent empire whose story is not pre-engraved in stone is determined by player decisions. After a short introductory animation, we are already in the middle of a wild, eerie scene, as the leader of a small tribe. It should be noted here that we can create our own avatar, that particular leader, with a character editor that embarrasses role-playing, and we’ll see him later on several times in diplomacy while we negotiate with other leaders. But back, our tribe initially had nothing to do but explore the area, perhaps finding food along the way, as well as observing, and studying all sorts of curiosities. Then they will grow over time, which means we can split the unit that has been controlled until then into two and discover a larger area faster.

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Of course, real prosperity begins when we set up the first camp site with these explorers, which we can only do on independent land, that is, land that no one has yet owned. Then, over time, we can form a city from this camp and begin to enrich and expand it. This is when familiar elements such as regulations, religion, and scientific research come into play. All of this has a huge impact on the life of our empire, as well as interactions with our people. This is because sometimes special events happen, which certainly require our decision, that is, our decision. These are small, interesting and random stories at the end of which we have to respond to something. Our decision will always have good and bad consequences, both in the short and long term.

The human race test - a cultural melting pot

One of the main objectives of this game is beyond building a thriving empire so that we can sustain it for ages. To move from one era to another, more and more complex requirements must be met. On the other hand, if it works, we can decide in each new age which form of civilization or empire that already existed we want to continue to exist. Did you not enter Babylon’s peaceful and cognitive policies? He later moved on to the Carthaginians and trampled on the neighborhood by brute force (and fighting elephants). But, of course, there is no problem with using the tool of diplomacy instead and making agreements with them. If we skillfully weave the thread, then later it will curl to where it is good for us.

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a Humanity It’s not only strong in its gameplay (but oddly familiar to laying dirt), but also in its visual world. The game simultaneously contains the specific visual elements of endless games and Civilization VI His light style was greatly criticized. And while I had the feeling at times that I didn’t see where my units were in a great field of color, in general it all played out very well. Speaking of music: The game’s background music also seamlessly competes with the famous good music of the Civilization franchise. Fortunately, I have not encountered any graphic anomalies, and there can be no complaints about the performance. The game is great and works well, although I have to admit I haven’t experienced what you can learn on a max size map with a maximum number of players and a world full of people. There, the device might be a little pounding.

The human race test - a cultural melting pot

a Humanity With all his greatness, I feel that he will not overthrow the current king from the throne. Too bad, because he had every chance of that in advance, in fact, after all, he still had. But he couldn’t get out of his shadow yet. Roughly 90 percent of the gameplay will be familiar from there, and the remaining 10 percent will be too clever in vain, generally enough to make it clear: Humanity Better than civilization. So much so that if the game’s title wasn’t initially written, we would easily believe this is Civilization VII. Because this bad taste is also present in man, and so is the case with each new Civilization episode: that the previous part, with many additions and updates, became intricate and detailed, something now stripped to the basics. Of course, with some additions and updates, this can be improved and expanded. If so, it would be worth taking it out again if you might be on the edge of the shelf by then. ■

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  • A wide range of game modes, which can be fun for veterans and novice referees alike.
  • Cheeky realization from scenery to music to storytelling
  • It’s an unknown acquaintance, or he’s trying to show something new while almost everything is at hand


  • It’s hard to undress him because many of his ideas were put forward long ago by certain other series
  • At first, thousands of small, attention-grabbing details may seem a bit chaotic
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Shadowguard 2021.08.17. 08:52
I’ll be curious about it, after a long wiggle last night, I still order it, it’s pre-filled, and in the evening they start 😀 Based on the test, it’s (also) nice 😀

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