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Hundreds of users have been banned from eBay by mistake

Some users noticed over the weekend that they had been logged out of their own accounts for no reason.

Twitter isn’t the only platform that accidentally banned users this week. The the edge eBay confirmed that it mistakenly suspended hundreds of users on December 3, but the company did not reveal the cause or extent of the problem, but wrote that the bug had already been corrected and those affected were notified.

Reddit users dedicate a larger post to the ban, noting that some accounts don’t have any potential red flags, so The ban came from almost nothing.

People have been suspended despite having an excellent track record of buyers and sellers and their ratings, and even people who haven’t used eBay in years have been banned.

Although the reasons for accidental blocking are not always clear, such cases highlight the limitations of supervision of Internet services. Businesses often have to rely on automated moderation to handle massive amounts of content and a pitcher base, but in addition to algorithms, available human moderators can often make mistakes.

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