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Hungarian devastation swept four awards in Los Angeles

Kátya Tompos became Best Actress, but she also won other categories in Now is Now.

Peter’s stories it’s snowing It received another prestigious award in America at the Los Angeles Film Awards, winning Best Feature Film, Best Romantic Comedy category, Planet Katia She won the Best Actress Award, Tamas Mohai And he received a special award for the hero of a novel. And competed in the festival 60 American and international films.

The film tells the story of the dating crises of the 1930s in a humorous and dramatic tone at the same time. It tells the story of one day a bride and a taxi driver escape her wedding party full of silly twists and turns.

The film has won several awards in America: most recently in New York at five awards at the New York Film Awards, including the Grand Prix. Katia Tombos became the best actress there, luvas rosie And the best supporting female character. Last year, Tamas Mohai also won Best Actor at the Love International Film Festival in Los Angeles for his portrayal in the movie, and Mohai received the same award at the István Bujtor Film Festival.

Founded six years ago, the Los Angeles Film Awards is a monthly awards event primarily for films outside of the American studio system, and LAFA is one of the highest-rated festivals on the professional website FilmFreeway. The festival jury is mostly a professional jury based in Los Angeles, such as film composer Nami Milomad or the three Emmy winners. David C. Eichhorn Sound Engineer.

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It is directed by Peter Zajki Intimate head shotsel made his directorial debut at the 2009 Hungarian Film Festival, where he won the first film award. A star, my wife, my girl It became the most watched Hungarian film of the year in Hungarian cinemas in 2012. it’s snowing The drama was last shown at the Swindon International Film Festival last week and will also be shown at the Varna International Film Festival in August. In the movie, the actors appear alongside the protagonists Peter ShearerAnd pasty jollyAnd Here’s Ferenc And blacksmith night.