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Hungarian researchers have made an important discovery about the British boom

The title page of the prestigious journal Nano Letters was published by its researchers on the Coronavirus in collaboration with researchers from the National Institute of Security (NNK) and the National Security Laboratory (NBL).

The study of Hungarian researchers proved this Corona virus is compressed easily, but its shape is restored like a rubber ballAnd, in its build up, the material effect doesn’t hurt either – Kossuth Rádió said Good morning, Hungary! In his presentation.

The structure and nanomechanical properties of the new type of corona virus were examined using atomic force microscopy. In practice, this looked like we were “squeezing” the surface of the virus with an eight to ten nanometer needle, and when we did, we found that

The virus collapses all the way “from wall to wall,” but regains its shape as if it were a rubber ball.

Said Dr. Miklos Kellermeier, Dean of the School of General Medicine, Similweiss University.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to determine to what extent the “rubber ball-like” characteristic of the coronavirus contributes to infecting the virus, but all of this may indicate the virus’s ability to self-heal.

Hungarian researchers are also studying the British mutation, and preliminary results showed that the diameter of the mutant is smaller than the diameter of the original virus.

According to Dr. Miklós Kellermayer, all this means that the so-called ability of the British mutant to fill the void is much higher than that of the original virus,

All this may make infection with the mutant virus easier,

Like the original.

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Laboratory research contributes greatly to understanding the Coronavirus, from which we also know, for example, that the coronavirus protein of the Coronavirus has a role in infecting human cells.

You can listen to the full conversation here.

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