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Hungarian silver medal at the judo championships in Antalya

The Grand Judo Championship in Antalya, Turkey, ended on Saturday with the Heavyweight Final. In the under 90kg weight group, Hungarian Krisztián Tóth fought for Sweden’s Marcus Nyman in the fourth Grand Slam final of his career. The Swedish athlete won the golden point with Fawzari, and with it the gymnastics victory. Krisztián Tóth won a silver medal.

In the women’s 17kg weight category, World Champion Hamada Souri of Japan reached 2018, winning the last point with Fawzari, and winning the third Grand Slam gold medal of his career, which he received from the president of the Tunisian Judo Federation, Skander Hacsicsa.

In the finals of the weight group minus 100 kg, Azerbaijani Zelim Kutsuji faced Aaron Wolf from Japan. And he won the Azerbaijani sports fight, who won the first gold medal in the Grand Slams of his life. The medals were presented by Lisa Allan, Events Director of the International Judo Federation.

In the women’s over 78kg category, Israeli Raz Hershko won his first Grand Slam gold medal of his life after a thrilling battle, beating Tbilisi champion, Chinese Zou Place. Hershko led a vase, but Chinese judo equalized, and Hershko scored the gold point with a second vase. The gold medal was awarded to Judge-Inspector of the International Judo Federation, Kyungjeon.

“It was pure insanity, I didn’t even know what to do with myself.” I was so excited that I screamed for the first time and screamed out loud because I won the fight. Raz Hershko said, “It was very dramatic and that was my victory, my first victory, a great victory, I am very happy.”

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In the 100kg plus weight category, Russian Tamerlan Basayev reached the finals brilliantly, with his Japanese competitor Harsava Hisayosei being the Olympic silver medalist. The Russian athlete took gold from Japanese judo with ippon. The medals were presented by Florin Daniel Laskau, IFRC Executive Judge.

Tamerlan Basayev said: “It is also part of judo, because when we fight and defeat my opponent, I spoil his dreams as well, so I cannot say that I am the best.”

The three-day Antalya Grand Slam tournament ended with many exciting fights and great victories. Among the Hungarian judo, Krisztián Tóth can return to Hungary with a silver medal and Attila Ungvári with a bronze medal.