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Hungarian stars who fell in love with each other during a TV show

It turned out recently that Eszter Oczella and Gábor Baronits formed a couple, they loved each other during the filming of Totem, and then when they got home from Bakony, they started dating and fell in love with each other. They are not the only ones who owe their relationship to a TV show: I’ll be Exatlon Hungary, Love for All Ages, Megastar and Star in the Star! Couples also collected.

Eszter Oczella and Gábor Baronits

Rumors of the relationship between Totem players have long been heard, but only in the days before that they vowed to the public to make a party. They met on the set of a reality show on TV2, and it was revealed at the premiere that they were dating, but they allegedly didn’t have a party at the time.

Eszter Oczella made the connection public with a joint photo of hers, and Gábor Baronits added a small photo with his partner and dog: “Our little family.”

Fisherman Vivian and Victor Kovari

Representatives of the third Exatlon Hungary have not yet announced that they will form a party, but this can be inferred from their Instagram page. After returning home from Dominica after filming TV2, they met several times and attended many events together and sided side by side in most of the pictures.

It will not be possible to draw many conclusions from this yet, but the fans noticed something fishy: based on their photos, they flew to Italy at once and at the same time posted photos of the same city, that is, supposedly on a joint vacation .

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Tamás Kovács and Vivien Rujder

The actors from TV2’s series, Korhatáros love, may have been familiar, who loved each other during the joint shooting, but got together later: Tamás Kovács, who played the main character, Dávid, and the actress, who played Betti’s character, publicly formed a party a year ago. 2018.

Photo: Marton Kooncs

Vivian Rojder told me about the relationship a few years ago: “We weren’t together at the time, it was a courtship phase to put it that way. Gone are my days, and he still had it when we got together in public.”

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