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Hungarian stars who have already annoyed their fans many times

There are stars who especially enjoy being able to offend their fans with their behavior or a single image. Victor Varga comes up with something crazy almost every day, but the biggest surprise came when he pierced her nipple with a needle and uploaded a video of her on Instagram. Andy Toth brutally responded to the criticism several times, Cynthia Dictator was shocked, and Eneko Mihalyk bathed naked in Lake Balaton.

Varga Victor

The singer loves to provoke people, many acts are already associated with his name, the last of which, for example, he bathed completely naked in the snow and ran into the snowy Danube. The hardest was definitely when it was broadcast in a video in 2019 where he pierced his nipple with a needle. In the post, he asked fans if they could view it – judging by the comments, his Instagram followers were shocked.

Cynthia is a dictator

The model used to upset her mood by uploading her photos to her social site, for example, she recently performed the role of the Joker in an absolutely stunning shot: “There is a Halloween Jetlag party every year. The theme this year is the Joker. I thought I couldn’t miss it too,” he wrote Next to the picture.

He used to filming himself bald, which terrified many:

His side is often the subject of thinness, he has spoken about it many times, and recently he has also revealed that he dares to eat almost anything. “My body goes to extremes. It tends to peak in anaphylactic shock. It is the most severe form of allergy. I no longer dare to eat anything,” he described after shocking many of his new photos.

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Andy Toth

The singer is now inundated with Instagram with sexy photos, which have been the subject of much criticism, but she has also received comments in the past about her relationship or party habits. The thread was cut from him and an angry reaction to the commenters.

“I am 16 years old. I’ll tell you how much has changed? Not even a dick. Actually. I’ve always been a rebellious chick, Karakani, and a surprise! I’ll stay that way too! She won’t take high-collar clothes, dye her hair, or pull on other shoes for No one. What the curse is you still imagining yourself? It also hits your face with concrete anyway, “he wrote in one of the posts.

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