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Hungarian supermodel who weighs 100 kilograms in sheer underwear: Diana Sirocai is followed by a million Hungarian stars

Plus size model of Hungarian origin, Diana Sirocai She has gained international fame and popularity in recent years due to her beauty, body positive attitude and charming personality.

The 26-year-old moved to London in 2009 with her family, where she gradually built her modeling career. Her Instagram now has 1.2 million followers, and more than 300,000 people watch her videos on TikTok.

Diana Sirocai in lingerie pictures

Diana Sirocai feels so amazing in her skin, she wouldn’t trade it with anyone, which is why she doesn’t hide the fact that her 155 inches tall is tied in at around 100 pounds. Fully satisfied with her full figure, she announces to every woman that in addition to size S, a person with cellulite can be a hot seducer. He used to appear in transparent underwear, the air boiling on his collective side.

My confidence isn’t based on a lot of good comments. I don’t gain confidence from other people’s reactions. This way, negative comments don’t spoil my self-confidence, as someone said in April tik tokIn her video, Diana Sirocai, who encourages everyone to find the self-confidence within themselves. In another video, he added, many people don’t understand that a fat girl can be beautiful.

People have always been bothered by the beauty of a fat girl.

– They just don’t understand how beautiful a fat girl can be. They are trying to figure out how to overdo it with photo editing and makeup. No, baby, I just can put on makeup, I’m not too polished, just my mom is pretty – I handed the plus-size model to pure trolls.

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In our photo gallery you can see lingerie photos of the world-famous plus-size Hungarian supermodel, Diana Syrokai!

Cover photo: Instagram / Sirokai Diána