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Hungarian workers protested in Munich –

GE Fieldcore has been commissioned to maintain the HKW Süd power plant, owned by the municipality of Munich, and has asked Hungarian workers to do the work. Fieldcore is one of the largest power plant maintenance companies in the world, with excellent Hungarian specialists – Chemical Workers Union in her contacts.

According to VDSZ, while this company offers high salaries to skilled technicians and low-skilled maintenance workers in the US at least $20 an hour, at Fieldcore in Glasgow $20-22, Hungarian workers in Germany receive €9.6 hourly.

He stressed that with this amount, even the cleaners who work in the power plant get more money According to VDSZ, according to GE Fieldcore it takes advantage of legislation and hires low-paid workers for profit.

This is not the first time that Hungarian workers have performed important professional tasks, but the employer is using current regulations that differ from country to country, said Tamas Sekele, head of VDSZ. The purpose of the demonstration was to draw attention to this. The union leader added that if there is no substantive solution within the deadline, measures will continue to protect the interests of Hungarian workers.

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